Fowlers Troop & the Deptford Jack in the Green

The Deptford Jack in the Green goes out in South East London, and sometimes the City, every May Day.

New frame for the Jack in the Green

After 30 years the original frame for the Deptford Jack in the Green was past its best and so, in 2015, a new frame was created specially.  This was made by Ian Marshall,, based in Eltham, who has done a fantastic job.  
It was paid for from a fund left by Doug Adams for projects of this kind.  The Jack was christened at the start of the 2015 May Day procession.

Christening the Jack at the Dog and Bell, 1st May 2015

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Doug Adams (1952-2012)

Douglas Adams was the lead musician of Fowlers Troop.  Doug died on 21st September 2012 after a recurrence of cancer for which he had been treated in 2011. There is an obituary in Guardian Other Lives.
Doug Adams and Fowlers Troop and the Deptford Jack in the Green at Hastings Jack in the Green on 7th May 2012 (talking to Sam Brace with the rest of the Troop behind).
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